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Wele Our Homepage

Introducing LYP group

L.Y.P Group Co., Ltd, a leader in business, is always on the top list of industrial dates back from our first cross-border trading services, and our core business areas currently locate in Phnom Penh, Koh Kong, and Oddor Meanchey provinces.
Our major investments include trading - still our core business-resorts, plantation and processing factory, utilities and infrastructure, and real estate.
L.Y.P Group was set up in 1999 by H.E. Oknha Ly Yong Phat with the head office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. However, L.Y.P Group was originally founded in 1980s with the objective of trading and distributing business between neighboring countries and Cambodia.
Over 20 years, L.Y.P Group became very successful and continues to diversify its investment in numerous sectors from hotel industry to restaurant, and from real estate development to plantation and infrastructure development. The Group is today one of the leading business and industrial conglomerates in the Kingdom.
We are mitting to be the best in every business we do, aiming to be the best Group and the best partner of your choice with current operations in prominent hotel and casino resorts, outsized locally power plant, the biggest plantation, the massive satellite city development, and the largest safari world theme park. Currently, L.Y.P Group employs many people who operate our business in resorts, hotels, plantation, trading and distributing offices across Cambodia.


Introducing to Phnom Penh Sugar pany

Phnom Penh Sugar Co., LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of LYP group, is the first sugar factory to produces Refined Sugar for domestic market and exportation.
Our machines and technology we uses in operation are imported from United Kingdom, France, Japan, China and Thailand. Therefore, we are in a position to produce the best quality sugar as of parable to the international standard.
Our products are Refined Sugar, White Sugar and Raw Sugar. Last year, Cambodia imported more than 400,000 tons of refined and white sugar. We aim to supply both domestic market and exportation.




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